Improving the quality-of-life for people through harnessing science and technology to provide highly reliable medicine that comply with the highest regulatory standards. We aim to exercise our deep-rooted values and social responsibilities by building true partnership with local communities to promote healthy lifestyle and access to affordable medicines.

Savvy Pharma is a GMP certified manufacturing facility that mainly focus on oral solid dosage forms.



  • Sharing Risks, Costs, Profits in 50:50 Ratio except Legal Costs
  • Legal costs are borne by Partner

Partial Co -Development

  • Sharing Risks, Costs, Profits in 30 (FTF): 70 (Partner) or 40 (FTF): 60 (Partner) Ratio except Legal Costs.
  • Legal Costs are borne by Partner


  • Savvy bears all Costs except Legal
  • Out licensing after a key milestone like Pilot BE / POC
  • Product initiation with 10% as Token advance


(if Savvy already completed BE/EB)
  • Savvy bears all Costs upfront except Legal
  • Out licensing after a key milestone like Pivotal BE / EB Completion

Fee For Service (FFS)

  • Savvy develop a product for a Territory for a Fee
  • Nominal Royalty to FTF

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

  • Dedicated Team Assigned to a basket of products & and Tech transfer to client site or CMO
  • Nominal Royalty to FTF

Distribution and Marketing

  • Savvy bears 100% of all Costs
  • Marketer to capture more share


Our vision is to become among the top generic pharmaceuticals company in MENA Region; recognized as an integrated and credible source of high-quality medicines that promote healthy living.


Our Mission to uphold our social responsibilities of delivering highest standard healthcare services to all segments of society without compromising on our core values of integrity, good ethics and commitment. To improve the quality of life for people through harnessing science & technology to provide highly reliable medicine that comply with the highest regulatory standards.


Dr. Ahmad Al Ghzawi; Managing Director, Ph. D in Pharmacy.

He started his career as scientist with various pharma companies and also associated with MNCs like GSK. He has authored various Scientific papers and patents in reputed journals. With over 2 decades of experience, he has developed strong technical expertise ,business acumen, created strong leadership team. The technocrat and entrepreneur skills in him urged him to set up his own formulation R&D manufacturing unit of Savvy Pharma in 2011.

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Partnerships are key to our development & expansion. That's why collaborating with other businesses is a fundamental part of our business strategy. We are committed to working with partners to deliver high quality products with affordable prices that can reach all patients.


Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) GMP certificate.
Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) GMP certificate.
United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health & prevention accreditation.
Kuwait Ministry of Health Drug & Food control registration certificate.
Republic of Iraq Ministry of health / Environment site registration
Sudan National Medicines & Poisons Board Site registration
Yemen Supreme Board of Drugs and Medical Appliances site registration
Libya Ministry of Health site registration