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Welcome to Savvy Pharma!

We are a Pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative therapies intended to improve outcomes in patients sufferings

Our Organization

Savvy Pharma is a Jordan based private limited liability company

Incorporated in 2011 by experienced team of scientific professionals that has successfully obtained GMP certificate in 2013. Founded by-Dr. Ahmad Al-Ghzawi It was launched in Jordan market last quarter of 2016.

Improving the quality-of-life for people through harnessing science and technology to provide highly reliable medicine that comply with the highest regulatory standards. We aim to exercise our deep rooted values and social responsibilties by building true partnership with local communities to promote healthy life-style and access to affordable medicines

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Unique quality generics with competitive market potentials. Potential products in different therapeutic areas that cover:


Rosuvastatin Calcium
Strength: available in 5,10,20 and 40 mg.


Esomeprazole (Magnesium dihydrate)
Strength: 20 & 40 mg


Strength: 5 mg


Strength: 50/500mg, 50/850mg, 50/1000mg


Sodium Alendronate
Strength: 70 mg


Strengths: 40mg & 80 mg


Our Vision

To become among the top generic Pharmacuticals company in MENA Region; recognized as an integrated and credible source of high quality and trusted medicines that promote healthy living.

Savvypharma News

2019 دعوة لحضور اجتماع الهيئة العامة غير العادي 

2020 دعوة لحضور اجتماع الهيئة العامة غير العادي 

2021 دعوة لحضور اجتماع الهيئة العامة غير العادي