Our Business

High quality medicine

We are a highly focused generic pharmaceutical company dedicated to delivering high quality medicines and making them accessible to patients. This is done through excellence in innovation, development, manufacturing, and commercialization to eventually offer high-quality, cost-effective products

We offer an extensive range of prescription products across a wide range of therapeutic categories.

R&D Capabilities

Our success depends on the sustainable growth of our business through research into and development of valuable additions to our product portfolio that serves patients.

R&D focus on being first to market, while ensuring the quality and affordability of our treatments and medicines. R&D are capable of developing, scaling up and commercializing various medicinal products. We can develop complex in-vitro analytical methods to support the formulation development team. The R&D have developed many products’ ranges that cover various pharmacological categories.

Expertise & Supply chain

Manufacturing and distributing our products take careful planning, efficient processes and multi-functional team, as we understand the supply chain and we know how to make it work to benefit our customers and the patients who depend on our products. Our supply chain and manufacturing infrastructure meets the highest standards of quality and performance. We fully comply with GMP and consistently exceed internal and external customer service expectations.